Overhead Garage Door Safety Tips

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Residential overhead doors or commercial garage doors bring convenience and security to your home or facilities. However, their everyday use can be potentially dangerous because of injures people or home pets can get from them. Here are some safety tips from garage door manufacturers to consider and be secure and sound.

Tip #1 Regularly Check Your Overhead Door Safety Sensors

All modern residential overhead doors and commercial garage doors should be equipped with safety sensors. It’s vitally important to check their performance regularly in order to be safe using the door. The safety sensor prevents the garage door from going down when it touches any object. If working properly, the overhead door should reverse its movement when it meets something on its way. The performance of the safety sensor can be easily checked by placing any soft object and testing the door closing. The garage door should stop and go up when touches the object. If it doesn’t work duly, it’s better to call your garage door manufacturer who has installed it and can repair it by warranty maintenance as soonest. Inform all your family members about the issue with your overhead door immediately. Try to watch its performance very closely before the technician comes to repair it.

Tip #2 Kids Should Learn How to Use the Garage Door Safely

Your kids as all family members should be fully aware how to exploit residential overhead doors. This can help to prevent possible injuring and teach kids somewhat serious attitude to the equipment. They should know that it is necessary to make sure no one stands under the door before closing it. The overhead garage door should be always closed if there is nobody outside. The password for entrance mustn’t be shared with anyone if your kids have access to it.

Tip # 3 Keep the Entry Password in the Family

Entry password is the information that only family members dwelling under one roof and sometimes their close family members living nearby should know. The more people have the password, the less secure your house or garage is. The passcode, as overhead door manufacturers recommend, shouldn’t be shared by grown-ups or kids to avoid troubles to life and property.

Tip # 4 The Door Shouldn’t Be Partially Opened

Sometimes homeowners keep their garage doors little opened to keep fresh air, cool the room. Especially pet keepers have got this habit to let their cats or puppies move inside and outside. However, such a bad practice can pose a possible threat of robbery. There are also areas where some wild animals can drop into the house this way. Therefore, to keep safe, always close the garage door if anyone doesn’t use it at the moment.

Tip # 5 It’s Reasonable to Read the Garage Door Manual

The manual from your local garage door manufacturer can shed the light on the proper use and maintenance needed to keep your overhead door in full order for many years. It’s reasonable to read and find out all the details to get the proper guidance for you and your family.

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